Friday, 10 November 2017

A joyful moment for me and my friend when we received the email regarding our first research paper published in "International Journal of Communication Technology for Social Networking Services". (Congratulations to all the authors of NCECIC 2017! Your paper   

Li-Fi:Transformation in Wireless Communication has been published. We would like to extend our best wishes for the success of this new publication and hope you enjoyed working with us.)

I remember those days when other students were busy in the preparation of final exams and we were busy in the research work. Friends hard work will definitely push us toward the desired destination... 

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Simplest Way To Use WhatsApp on PC

Initially the whatsapp web version released only for google chrome but now friends we can use whatsapp on different browser. My this article is about the whatsapp web version of firefox which is mainly based on the firefox addon or extention
The addon or extension can be easily downloaded from the firefox official addon weblink

Desktop messenger for WhatsApp™ is a Firefox Addon that enables you to access your WhatsApp Web official website from the toolbar panel UI, plus, it brings badge notification for all new messages.

Some important features:

1. A comprehensive WhatsApp client right in your Firefox's toolbar.
2. Notifies you every time something happens on WhatsApp within the people in your friend list.
3. Get badge notification on every WhatsApp action.
4. No need to restart Firefox after install. Simply click on the toolbar icon and follow the instruction on the screen to start using the Addon.
5. Added Hotkey to open toolbar panel UI. See addon's options page for more details.
6.Now whatsapp is not limited upto you small device (cellphone)but you can access the whatsapp on your pc anywhere anytime with simple QR code scanning.

Steps To Use Your Whatsapp Account On PC Using Firefox 

STEP 1:-

To Start using the Addon, please follow these steps:
1. Once you install the Addon, please open the toolbar panel UI, where you see the bar-code.
2. Open WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to:
On Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
3. Scan the QR Code on the toolbar panel screen from your phone.
4. Done, you should be able to use WhatsApp.
Download the whatsapp firefox addon from the link and click add to firefox 
As shown in image below:-

 The Whatsapp extention appear on the right coner of the browser as follow:-

STEP 2:-

Now click on this whatsapp web addon.
The unique random QR code will by displayed on your click the PC and Moble both should be connected to the internet during this process.
The sample QR code is as follow:-

STEP 3:-

Now open the whatsapp on your phone and click on whatsapp web option.

STEP 4 :-

Now simply scan the QR code on PC with your phone.

On successful scanning your whatsapp account will also be on pc @ same time.

Enjoy whatsapp on PC (specially for PC lovers :))

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

For the event(Technical Paper Presentation) Genesis2k17 the weblinks of the sample IEEE format are:-

CLICK HERE for .doc file sample format

CLICK HERE for .pdf file sample format


Prize for the winners:-Certificate+Momento
Deadline of paper submission on or before 17.03.2017 12:30pm

For more queries and info related to event write @9736361699, 8894081354 (whatsapp)


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Genetically engineered babies by Praveen Kumar Shautha(EE)

A designer baby is a baby genetically engineered in vitro for specially selected traits, which can vary from lowered disease-risk to gender selection. Before the advent of genetic engineering and in vitro fertilization (IVF), designer babies were primarily a science fiction concept.

In future we can make a copy of our own genetic properties and can be directly implemented on a fetus,DNA chain through cloning!

What Are Designer Babies?
The colloquial term "designer baby" refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with in vitro fertilization to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics. - wikipedia
In simpler terms, using biotechnology to choose what type of baby you want. Latest research is making designer babies a reality now, using technology developed originally for use in animals.

What traits could be changed in a designer baby?

Trait selection
Embryo screening involves a process called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Embryos are created by in-vitro fertilization and grown to the eight-cell stage, at which point one or two cells are removed. Scientists then examine the DNA of these cells for defects, and only normal embryos are replaced in the womb. 

Three-parent baby
Three-parent babies are human offspring with three genetic parents, created through a specialized form of In vitro fertilisation in which the future baby's mitochondrial DNA comes from a third party. The procedure is intended to prevent mitochondrial diseases including muscular dystrophy and some heart and liver conditions. It is the subject of considerable controversy in the field of bioethics. - wikipedia

DNA Editing 
Genome editing, or genome editing with engineered nucleases (GEEN) is a type of genetic engineering in which DNA is inserted, deleted or replaced in the genome of a living organism using engineered nucleases, or "molecular scissors." 

The Future Of DNA editing 
Pronounced "crisper", it is a biological system for altering DNA. Known as gene editing, this technology has the potential to change the lives of everyone and everything on the planet.
A bold statement but that is the considered view of many of the world's leading geneticists and biochemists I've spoken to in recent months when working on my latest Panorama - Medicine's Big Breakthrough: Editing Your Genes.
CRISPR was co-discovered in 2012 by molecular biologist Professor Jennifer Doudna whose team at Berkeley, University of California was studying how bacteria defend themselves against viral infection.

Pros and Cons of Designer Babies 

Reduces risk of genetic diseases
Reduces risk of inherited medical conditions
Keep pace with others doing it
Better chance the child will succeed in life
Better understanding of genetics
Increased life span
Can give a child genes that the parents do not carry
Prevent next generation of family from getting characteristics/diseases

Termination of embryos
Could create a gap in society
Possibility of damage to the gene pool
Baby has no choice in the matter
Genes often have more than one use
Geneticists are not perfect
Loss of Individuality
Other children in family could be affected by parent's decision
Only the rich can afford it
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Monday, 3 October 2016

Electromagnetic Field Theory (EMFT Notes)

Download the complete notes in pdf format of the Electromagnetic Field Theory according to the syllabus of the Himachal Pradesh Technical University (HPTU) (NS).Just follow the link below and download the pdf files from the google drive...

                CLICK HERE! To Download EMFT Notes

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